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‘Attitude, common sense, resilience, and soft skills are the master’s degrees employers seek today.’ (Picture: Ella Byworth)

The job market is a hostile place at the moment.

Unemployment has just hit it’s highest level for three years, and between June and August, redundancies stood at 227,000.

So if you’re looking for a job, you’re likely up against an entire year’s worth of fresh graduates, as well as the thousands who have lost their jobs thanks to the pandemic.

In the face of a catastrophic economic downturn and looming recession, searching for a job can feel hopeless. So much of it is out of your control.

However, there are things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of securing work – even in these incredibly uncertain times.



Whether you have just graduated and are looking for your first role, or you’ve recently lost your job, here are some expert tips to help you make your CV as robust as possible, and make your application stand out from the crowd:

‘In a climate of uncertainty, the only way is forward,’ says Toptask CEO Greg Newman.

‘In the face of the pandemic, many businesses are closing or downsizing offices and juggling their way to remote working. At the same time, a technologically literate pool of youngsters is experiencing a disruption in their higher education and job prospects.

‘A big-name university or a highly demanding