Arkansans can vote via absentee ballot if they are concerned about contracting covid-19, state officials including Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Secretary of State John Thurston have said.

The state’s deadline is Oct. 27 for county clerks to receive mailed-in absentee ballot requests, so the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette — with information and interviews with the League of Women Voters and the Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk’s office — has compiled advice for successfully voting absentee in Arkansas in the Nov. 3rd General Election.

• Don’t wait to request an absentee ballot.

Waiting until the Oct. 27 mail-in deadline allows only one week for county clerks to review the request form, provide an absentee ballot and for the voter to fill out and mail back the ballot package — all by Nov. 3.

• For all questions related to voting, the best contact is the county clerk’s office in the county where a voter is registered or resides.

The Secretary of State’s office provides a current list of county clerks.

• Get the “Arkansas Application for Absentee Ballot.” Download and print one for each absentee voter.

The forms are available on county clerk and Secretary of State websites. The applications also can be obtained by phone call, fax or email to the county clerk’s office.

• Fill out the request form properly.

County clerk offices review the forms for accuracy and completeness.

Susan Inman, a League of Women Voters election specialist and former state elections director, stresses the importance of getting the voter’s signature and date of birth on the