If you’re a single person living through 2020, there’s a chance that you’ve downloaded a dating app during the new coronavirus pandemic. And if you were already on the dating apps, there’s a possibility that you’ve swiped so much that you’ve reached the end of Tinder. Or maybe you’re simply looking to try something other than the usual apps. Well, friends, I’m here with good news: There are tons of other apps to try if you’re interested.

Below you’ll find a list of 16 best dating apps worth exploring. If you’re in the mood to mix things up, or you’re looking for an app that’s tailored to your interests, you might find a few good options here.

After a while, swipe apps start to feel like a game, but XO has taken it one step further. Instead of wasting energy to find the perfect pickup line, you can play games with your matches. What kind of games? Harmless icebreakers (like Two Truths and a Lie) or games where you both have to answer a random question.

If you are tired of swiping, Ship is a solid option. You can enlist friends to swipe on your behalf, and if you match with someone (whose friends are presumably swiping for them), you can start chatting. The fun thing about Ship? There’s a group-messaging feature in the app so you and your friends can argue discuss potential matches in detail.

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